1. YadaYadaYarn, Silver City, New Mexico; art gallery
  2. (a)SP.“A”©E Studio Art Gallery, Silver City, NM; art gallery.
  3. Restaurants showing art: Vickie's Eatery, Silver City, New Mexico.
  4. Javalina Coffee House, Silver City, New Mexico; Restaurant showing art.
  5. Curious Kumquat, Silver City, New Mexico
  6. Soul river
  7. Sarkela and Harclerode
  8. Sellorin and Woolfe
  9. southwestern landscape
  10. horse art

San Vicente Artists of Silver City (SVA) is a not for profit arts organization for New Mexico art. It was organized in 1992 to promote artists in New Mexico and visual art of the Southwest. The name originates from the historic Silver City name of LaCienega de San Vicente. In recent years many artists have come to Grant County to live in Silver City and surrounding towns. The main purpose of SVA arts organization is to promote local artists young and old to show and sell their artwork. This is a website for art of Silver City, New Mexico and beyond.

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